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The CAC opposes censorship and promotes freedom of expression in the United Kingdom.


The CAC grew out of the Free Art Legal Fund, established in 1967 for the defence of Last Exit to Brooklyn.  After the victory in the Appeal Court in 1968 the sponsors of the fund felt there was a need for a continuing organisation which would assist publishers, writers and artists threatened by censorship.  An Executive Committee was formed and later that year the Defence of Literature and the Arts Society (DLAS) was set up.


In 1983 the DLAS was re-launched as the CAC with the object of promoting freedom of expression in all its forms and combating restrictions on that freedom and its exercise.


We believe that the repressive dangers of censorship for adults outweigh any possible benefits, and that what is acceptable for adults to read, see, or hear should be decided by personal judgement and taste, not by the law.

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