The Guiding Principles of the Campaign Against Censorship

General principles

  • The right to obtain and impart knowledge.
  • Freedom from censorship.
  • Freedom for creative artists to present their perceptions, interpretations, and ideas.
  • Support for victims of censorship without discrimination on the grounds of sex, sexual orientation, race, politics, or religion.


Further policies guiding the work of the CAC are:


  • Vigilance in defence of the freedoms of information and expression requires continued monitoring of attacks on and restrictions of those freedoms, and of the effects of new technology on the control of information gathering, so that the public may be made aware of any dangers that may ensue.
  • Individual or group privacy should not be used as a weapon in defence of censorship or to restrict free access to information.
  • Reaction to any threat or restriction must be positive and expressed in simple, comprehensible terms.
  • The CAC is and should remain independent of all political parties.
  • Collaboration with individuals and organisations in Britain and elsewhere pursuing similar purposes should be pursued where appropriate.
  •  The problem of access to material by children is different from that of access by adults. The principles listed above apply to adults.

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