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December 14th 2011, Norwich to CAC
From Norwch City Council in response to CAC letter of the 3rd December 2011 about change-of-use planning application.
Adobe Acrobat document [460.7 KB]
December 3rd 2011, CAC to Norwich
To Norwich City Council Planning Committee about Qube Bar.
Adobe Acrobat document [432.5 KB]
November 29th 2011, CAC to Enfield
To Cllr Chris Bond of the London Borough of Enfield about lap-dancing clubs.
Adobe Acrobat document [436.3 KB]
November 4th 2011, CAC to SfaBoR
CAC submission to the Secretariat for a Bill Of Rights.
Adobe Acrobat document [621.7 KB]
October 18th 2011, CAC to Boff
To Andrew Boff MLA about brothels and prostitution.
Adobe Acrobat document [560.9 KB]
September 30th 2011, CAC agenda
Agenda for the CAC Council meeting scheduled for the 30th September 2011.
Adobe Acrobat document [493.8 KB]
July 26th 2011, DCMS to CAC
From the Department for Culture, Media and Sport in response to the CAC letter of the 20th June 2011 to Ian Mearns MP about the Girls Gone Wild show.
Adobe Acrobat document [649.6 KB]
21st July 2011, HO to CAC
From the Home Office in response to CAC letter to Ian Mearns MP of the 20th June 2011.
Adobe Acrobat document [229.8 KB]
June 20th 2011, CAC to Mearns
To lan Mearns MP about his Early Day Motion about Girls Gone Wild show.
Adobe Acrobat document [128.7 KB]
May 24th 2011, CAC to Guardian
To Guardian newspaper about the use of swearing and children.
Adobe Acrobat document [474.6 KB]
May 19th 2011, CAC to TNT
Lengthy response to Tom Sturrock of TNT Magazine about the influence of violence on the reader/viewer.
Adobe Acrobat document [6.8 MB]
April 12th 2011, CAC to London
To City of London Licensing Committee about lap-dancing venues.
Adobe Acrobat document [434.6 KB]
April 8th 2011, CAC Memo
From CAC Chair E. Goodman about his interview with BBC Radio Lancashire about Royal Mail decision to prevent use of "cheeky" postcards.
Adobe Acrobat document [158.0 KB]
March 29th 2011, DCMS to CAC
From Department for Culture, Media and Sport in response to the CAC's letter to Jeremy Hunt MP of the 15th February 2011.
Adobe Acrobat document [898.7 KB]
February 15th 2011, CAC to Hunt
To Jeremy Hunt MP, Secretary of State for Culture, about blocking computer access to adult sites.
Adobe Acrobat document [626.5 KB]
February 1st 2011, CAC report
From CAC Secretary Mary Hayward about a meeting of Onscenity (sic) a group interested in attempts to regulate sexual behaviour, either real or fictional.
Adobe Acrobat document [689.8 KB]
January 21st 2011, CAC to Owens
To Dr Tuppy Owens of the Sexual Freedom Coalition on matters of mutual relevance.
Adobe Acrobat document [1.8 MB]
January 4th 2011, Attwood to CAC
From Feona Attwood about a seminar on sex and regulation at the British Academy.
Adobe Acrobat document [548.2 KB]

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